Organic Garland

Per square foot – $$

Traditional arches and columns are beautiful. Organized patterns of spiraling colors make for a clean look. On the other hand, if you want new and trendy then an organic garland is the way to go. An organic garland is an array of balloons in random sizes to give the shape a natural or “organic” appearance. This makes each garland unique for each venue and can be customized to fit any shape or size. So, rather than a traditional arch, you can fill your door frame with an organic arch. The arch can span half or all of the doorway and can be embellished with Mylar balloons or other adornments.

proposal balloon organic garland
organic balloon wall

Huge Installations

This is the largest build we have done so far. This structure is composed of more than 3000 balloons! They are strung together with clear line into large strands and then bundled into big groups. The balloon on the top is a giant eight foot balloon. In this case the balloon structure was all made with a single cream color. As you can see from the picture, this installation created a giant, twenty foot wall that acted as a backdrop to the stage. In addition to being a good backdrop, an organic garland can be used to decorate a ceiling, surround a doorway, or as facade for a business.

Home decor

You can outline your door with a gorgeous organic balloon arch. There is so much versatility when it comes to organic balloon arches. They can cover the full doorway or just a portion. Additionally, mixing it up with multiple colors and sizes will make the display even more appealing.

organic garland blue

Business Illumination

Beautiful facades can be installed at your place of business to highlight your storefront and to attract customers to you. They can be simple organic garlands or arches or they can be grandiose like you see here, reaching to the sky in an amazing array of color and shape.

Parties and Events

Organic garland installations can be done to decorate a whole party or event. It can be something simple like photo-op backgrounds for Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas’ wife or something more grand like decorating an entire wedding.

grandiose design