5” balloon $0.75

9” balloon $1.00

curly Q. $1.50

12” balloon $2.00

17” balloon $3.00

24” balloon $10.00

30” balloon $15.00

* prints are an additional $0.50/balloon

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Order your balloons today.

Due to the nature of latex/mylar balloons & the high quality of the products we use, most items will last at least 3-5 days & may last longer. We put high float in our latex balloons. This coats the inside of the balloon and allows the balloons to stay afloat far longer. Think about how fun this is, your balloons will last far longer than they would traditionally. We use high quality Qualtex balloons in our bouquets and balloon arches. This company has a great reputation for their quality and consistency.

Our latex balloons are available in many colors including pearls and metallic colors. Courtney has a great eye for matching and combining colors to make her balloon art tasteful and unique.