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Confetti – $5

Adding confetti to your balloon adds a great flare and unusual pizzazz. It really makes these balloons look special and unique.

Our confetti we make it custom and in house allowing us to mix and match shapes and colors. Indeed, this is a spectacular choice for any balloon installation or personal balloon bouquet.

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The correct question is why WOULDN’T you want confetti?

Coated confetti balloons

One of the coolest looking confetti balloons is a balloon with a coating of custom cut confetti. Here, the entire inside surface is coated with colorful tissue paper shapes, typically circles. With a mixture of evenness and randomness, this style of balloon is unique and amazing! Each balloon has it’s own unique look yet fits perfectly with your theme. Furthermore, a confetti balloon coating can be one solid color or a mixture of colors, adding even more texture and style to your confetti balloon. Confetti can also be cut into different shapes and sizes. Why not call Courtney for a free consultation and get advice on the best looking combination of confetti and balloons.

coated confetti balloons
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Confetti Balloons Style 2

We can do some really fun stuff with confetti balloons. You can have the confetti rest at the bottom of the balloon for a cool look. Okay, so here’s where it gets really fun. For example. let’s say our business has two colors that represent its branding. What you can do is order two clear jumbo balloons and put a different color in each balloon for a dazzling confetti balloon. Or, how about a gender reveal confetti balloon? Order a solid color balloon, say black or gray and then have the doctor or a loved one tell Courtney the gender. A balloon shows up at the party with the correct color of confetti and BOOM a shower of colorful confetti reveals the gender.