Balloon care

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So, you have your balloons, amazing! Let’s give you a few tips and tricks of balloon care to help you enjoy your balloons for as long as possible. When taken care of properly a balloon can stay floating for a week. It is important to take good care of your balloons as they can be popped. Sharp, objects, heat, cold and wind can all be hazardous to your carefully made balloon creations so let us help you with some balloon care tips so your balloons will last well beyond your event.

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Heat and Sun

High temperatures may cause a balloon to pop. Whether you plan on having your event balloons outside or inside be sure to consult with Courtney. She can design and fill the balloons to accommodate your event. For instance, if your balloons will be used outside we can make your balloons with a little more flexibility to handle the expansion from the heat. Alternatively when the balloons are made for an indoor event remember that they are made for that environment and taking them outside will cause expansion and risk popping your balloons if left in the heat too long. So, proper balloon care involves making sure the balloons don’t get too hot or too cold.


Ultra high-float is a patented liquid solution that can extend the life of your balloons. When added to the balloons it can make a balloon fly 25 times longer! Balloons by Court makes high float a standard for their balloons. That means your balloons are going to fly longer and stay afloat better than with a standard balloon. Your need for special balloon care is far less when  your balloons have high-float.

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