Beautiful Bundles

Mini – $65

Mega – $55

blue black balloon bouquets

Three amazing packages

A standard bouquet, for instance, is a collection of high quality latex balloons. There are tons of colors to choose from plain white to rose gold so you won’t be short on options . You choose your color or theme and then Courtney will assemble them in an attractive style, staggering the heights to make the balloon art look professional.

When choosing a deluxe balloon bouquet you will have even more options. You can request certain shapes and colors or allow Courtney, as your expert balloon stylist, to put together an attractive display for you. Simply, with the deluxe package you will have a mix of sizes and shapes making this option even more dynamic.

Our specialty balloon bouquet adds specialty latex balloons and a giant balloon. For instance, a specialty latex balloon includes metallic and balloons with a pearl color. The jumbo balloon is massive and attracts attention anywhere it goes.

balloon bouquet jumbo
jumbo balloon bouquets

Unlimited Variety

A balloon bouquet is so versatile! For instance, you can choose from a huge variety of sizes, and colors. In addition, you can mix mylar and latex balloons, large balloons, and small balloons, all designed together with expert stylist Courtney. So, get a balloon bouquet as a large bundle of balloons or something simple like a few balloons bunched together with a custom vinyl message to share what your are celebrating or promoting. Above all, your free consultation with Courtney is invaluable in making a balloon bouquet that is perfect for your occasion.