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doral academy balloon arch
purple balloon arch

A balloon arch can come in a variety of sizes. A common balloon arch will span over a doorway as an inviting, colorful entrance to your event. However, they can be made in a variety of sizes and colors. A string of pearl arch for instance is a beautiful variation that is simple and elegant. Embellishments, like adding mylar balloons, can also be made to the arch based on your needs. In addition, a nice balloon arch is sturdy and can be used outside or inside. They can be made over eight feet high, making this balloon decoration truly awe inspiring! Balloons by Court is a balloon company is ready to help with your event and will even come and set the balloon arch for you and take it down also. It is an amazing piece of balloon art.

In addition to a traditional balloon arch, you can also order a balloon decoration known as an organic garland. These can perform the same function as a balloon arch but with much more flare and artistry. In the past a balloon arch would span an entry way in an arc with the balloons following the arc in a beautiful spiral. All the balloons are the same size and make for a grand doorway to any event. An organic garland, on the other hand, is far more creative. The balloons are different shapes and sizes, the flow of the garland can match current entry ways and be formed into irregular shapes. The results are modern and unique!

organic balloon arch

This is another variation on the arch. This combines the variety of an organic garland with the shape of a balloon arch to make a whole new decoration.